POL 385, Politics of South Asia, as an independent study course in Summer Session 1, 2018, with a focus on terrorism and insurgency.

Meeting times to be determined by agreement. 

Students in the independent study group will read two books: 

  • Cunningham, Kathleen Gallagher. Inside the Politics of Self-determination. Oxford University Press, 2014. Amazon link.
  • Staniland, Paul. Networks of rebellion: Explaining insurgent cohesion and collapse. Cornell University Press, 2014. Amazon link.

As a WI course, a revision and a final draft of a 4000-word (minimum) research paper is required. Requirements for the paper are the same as those for POL 250 (see here and here). At least half of the empirical content of the paper should be from South Asia. The term paper will be written using, as sources, the two books from the course plus at least three academic political science journal articles, plus other sources (for example from newspapers or elsewhere) as appropriate. A draft and a final version are due. If you have already completed senior seminar your paper may not be on the same specific topic as your senior thesis. (If you have not yet taken senior seminar it is okay to develop the paper you write in this class into part of your thesis.)  

We will have at least five meetings as a group, and each student will have at least three one-on-one meetings with me. Specific times will be determined by group participants, but I will have some suggestions: 

  • Meeting #1: review expectations; I'll present background information (about 3 hours) - I suggest that we do this on May 23 - slides
  • Meeting #2: discuss the Cunningham book (about 2 hours)
  • Meeting #3: discuss the Staniland book (about 2 hours)   
  • Meeting #4: review term paper structure and topics (about 1 hour) - I suggest we do this no later than June 4 or 5
  • Meeting #5: review term paper drafts (about 3 hours) - I suggest that we do this on June 11

In addition, I will be available as usual to meet with students on an individual basis, e.g. to discuss progress on the research paper. A minimum of three one-on-one meetings are required. 

Some key dates

May 23: Semester begins.
June 10: Term paper draft due.
June 23: Official end of summer session. Final draft due. 

Grades will be based on preparation and discussion (30%), draft (30%), final paper (30%), and peer reviews (10%). 

The official end of the semester is June 23. As soon as you complete a final draft on or after June 23 I will submit your final grade. However, as grades are not technically due until August, you may have an extension on the final paper without penalty until August 5. Between June 23 and August 5 I will be on campus rarely if at all, and will occasionally be entirely out of email access for a week or more at a time.