Cuban Missile Crisis paper

Due Wednesday, February 8, 6:00 p.m. emailed to me. 
Assignment will be marked down for each day or fraction of a day late (that is, if you email it at 6:45, it’s late). 

1000-1500 words. Your paper must have a thesis statement, clearly stated at the beginning. You must use at least three sources, cited properly using the Chicago Manual of Style format. Do not plagiarize; I am reasonably likely to catch you, and if I do you will fail the course. 

Topic: How did the United States government attempt to use threats and promises to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis? Were these attempts at coercion successful?

Let me strongly suggest that you organize your paper as follows:
  1. Introduction and statement of thesis
  2. Narrative of events focusing on the key facts you need to make your case
  3. Discussion of threats and promises
    1. threat/promise #1 and outcome
    2. threat/promise  #2 and outcome
    3. etc.
  4. Assessment of relative impact of various threats
  5. Conclusion and implications for security policy generally