American politics paper

Due Tuesday, March 27, 6:00 p.m. emailed to me.
Yes, this is one week later than on the syllabus. 
Assignment will be marked down for each day or fraction of a day late (that is, if you email it at 6:45, it’s late). 

1000-1500 words. Your paper must have a thesis statement, clearly stated at the beginning. You must use at least three academic sources (journal articles or books, other than textbooks assigned for the course), cited properly using the Chicago Manual of Style format. Do not plagiarize; I am reasonably likely to catch you, and if I do you will fail the course. 

Topic: How do internal divisions within the United States affect foreign policy? In your answer...
  • discuss one of the following general sources of division: partisan, geographic, or ideological
  • consider American foreign policy since 2000
  • illustrate your thesis with one of the following three case studies: 
    • American relations with China
    • U.S. policy toward international trade negotiations
    • U.S. policy regarding human rights and human trafficking 
Grades will be based on the following three criteria, in this order of importance:
  1. Writing. Is the paper well-organized, with a clear thesis? Are the flow of ideas clear at the level of sentences and paragraphs?
  2. Logical analysis. Does the paper contain a coherent, abstract and analytic idea? Does it use logic to deduce or derive why foreign-policy leaders make the decisions they do?
  3. Factual narrative. Does the paper correctly explain what happened at key points in recent history?