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HI/POL 332 A: American Foreign Policy

Spring 2012
Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.
Gailhac, Room G114
Final Exam: Tuesday, May 8, 6:30 pm

Assigned books:
  • Bruce W. Jentleson. American Foreign Policy. Fourth Edition. Norton Press, 2010. ISBN: 978-0393933574. (Amazon.com listing)
  • John Spanier, Steven W. Hook. American Foreign Policy Since World War II, 18th Edition. CQ Press, 2009. ISBN: 978-0872899698. (Amazon.com listing)

Paper assignments:
  1. Hegemonic Stability, due Feb 14
  2. American Politics, due Mar 27 (not Mar 20 as on the original syllabus)
  3. Term paper, due the end of the day on May 10 (not May 1 as on the original syllabus)

Slides from the most recent class:

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