Revision memo

HI/POL 250, Fall 2011 

Assignment 7: Revision memo

Due Friday, December 2, 8 a.m. Either email your memo to me or bring it to class, printed out. About 1 to 2 pages.

Your assignment is to summarize the feedback you got from me and from your peers and to specify what changes you will make to your paper between now and the final due date on December 13.

Whether you agree with them or not, what were some of the most common comments or suggestions you received? Do they point to areas of the paper that need work? 

When describing the changes you will make for your final paper, make sure you address the following issues: 
  • Thesis. How are you adapting your thesis statement so that it serves as a clear description of your argument and findings? How will you make it correspond to a question or puzzle?
  • Logic. Which premises and conclusions are necessary parts of your argument? Which parts of your paper are you eliminated? Which parts need to be expanded? 
  • Literature. Are there other sources you need? Do you need to add more analysis that shows the connection between the sources you currently have and your thesis? Are there discussions of sources in your paper currently that do not advance your thesis, and so need to be dropped? 
  • Evidence. Now that you are revising your thesis, is there any new evidence that you need to find in order to confirm or disconfirm an argument? What sources, including primary sources, will you use to find additional evidence?
There is no need to address writing style, grammar, and so on - it goes without saying that you will thoroughly edit the complete version.