Peer Review

HI/POL 250, Fall 2011

Assignment 6: Peer review comments

Your assignment is to review 8 papers written by your peers. The class as a whole will review two papers, assigned randomly, on Tuesday, November 8; after that, students working in groups will read two papers per day on November 11, 15, and 18.

For each paper you review, you will write a memo of at least 1 full page. Do two things. First, briefly summarize the main points: identify the thesis and the most important piece of evidence. Second, provide a constructive critique, addressing the following issues:
  • Logic. Does the writer’s thesis make sense? Does it have all the premises it needs? Do the conclusions follow from the premises? 
  • Literature. Does the paper seem to draw on the right sources? Does the paper engage (say something interesting about) prior ideas on the topic? 
  • Evidence. Does the evidence (from both secondary and primary sources) relate to the thesis? Given the writer’s thesis, is there some other kind of evidence that the author would ideally want to get in order to use in the paper? 
  • Relationship between thesis and evidence. In light of the evidence available, should the thesis be changed? 
  • Writing style. Are there common errors, or quirks of style that make meanings unclear?