Paper draft

HI/POL 250, Fall 2011

Assignment #5: Paper draft.

Due Tuesday, November 1, 11:59 p.m. 1 point off for each day or fraction of a day late. Upload the paper to Blackboard as a pdf document. Specific directions about how to do this will be posted on Blackboard closer to the due date.

Length: 1500 to 2000 words, not including bibliography and references. Use standard one-inch margins and twelve point font. Number your pages, and cite in footnotes anything you directly quote or paraphrase from a source, using the Chicago Style. Students turning in papers containing plagiarism will fail the course and be reported to the academic integrity process.

The assignment is to write a well-organized term paper with a clear thesis and relevant facts and logic to support that thesis, on the topic you and I have agreed on. The specific requirements are different depending on whether you are registered in the course through history or politics.

If you are a History person:
Your paper will critically evaluate at least two different historical interpretations of your topic and develop an interpretation of your own. Your paper must draw on a total of at least 6 sources, including at least 2 scholarly monographs and at least 1 primary source.  

If you are a Politics person:
Your paper will develop a hypothesis and test it using appropriate evidence. Your paper must draw on at least one book specific to your topic and at least one book from political science that develops a general theory relevant to your project. You must use a total of at least 6 sources, including at least 2 scholarly monographs.