November 18 Schedule

HI/POL 250 
Fall 2011 
Peer review assignments 

On Friday, November 18, group work will be limited to less than half of the class time. Please read the papers from the other members of your group and write a memo about each paper. Come to class on Friday prepared to offer detailed, constructive advice to the other people in your group. You should address all the points on the “Assignment 6” sheet, but in particular please emphasize writing style and syntax. Print out the paper and note sentences that are poorly worded or otherwise unclear. 

If your paper is not uploaded under your own name, please email it to the other people in your group so that they do not have to go hunting for it.  

After Friday, everyone should have been assigned a total of 8 memos.

Friday, Nov 18 
Group 1: Ross, Anton, and Chris.
Group 2: Molly and Fahima.
Group 3: Barry, Miriam, and Omar.
Group 4: Mark, Shay, and Ali.
Group 5: Anita, Thomas, and Jon.
Group 6: Elizabeth, Richard, and Raubia.
Group 7: Caroline and Jack. Also, Caroline will write an additional memo for Anita, and Jack will write an additional memo for Raubia.