November 15 schedule

HI/POL 250 
Fall 2011 
Peer review assignments 

On Tuesday, November 15, we will mostly work in groups. Please read the papers from the other members of your group and write a memo about each paper. In some cases, you will already have been assigned a memo about one of the other papers in your group; in that case look over the memo you previously wrote and be ready to provide suggestions verbally, but there is no need to write or turn in a new memo. Come to class on Tuesday prepared to offer detailed, constructive advice to the other people in your group. You should address all the points on the “Assignment 6” sheet, but in particular please emphasize the logical development of the argument. Are all the necessary premises stated? Are there conclusions that are unnecessary, or that do not follow from the premises? 

If your paper is not uploaded under your own name, please email it to the other people in your group so that they do not have to go hunting for it.  

In the following schedule, the number in the parenthesis after your name is my count of the total number of memos you have been assigned to write so far, including for Tuesday. The total number of memos you will have to write is 8. If our numbers don't line up then please come speak with me.

Tuesday, Nov 15 
Group 1: Chris (6), Anita (6), Richard (6)
Group 2: Omar (6), Thomas (6), Jack(6)
Group 3: Ross (7), Molly (7), Raubia (6)
Group 4: Barry (7), Anton (7), Ali (6)
Group 5: Elizabeth (6), Jon (6), Shay (6)
Group 6: Mark (6), Fahima (7), Miriam (7), Caroline (6)