November 11 schedule

HI/POL 250
Fall 2011
Peer review assignments

On Friday, November 11, we will mostly work in groups. Please read the papers from the other members of your group and write a memo about each paper. Come to class on Friday prepared to offer detailed, constructive advice to the other people in your group. You should address all the points on the “Assignment 6” sheet, but in particular please emphasize evidence. What other evidence could the writer use, and where could he or she look for sources?

If you have not yet uploaded or shared a draft paper, you must do so by the end of the day Wednesday so that the people in your group have time to look it over. IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE DRAFT ASSIGNMENT BY MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY YOU HAVE NO HOPE OF PASSING THE COURSE – don’t even bother coming for the rest of the semester.

Friday, Nov 11
Group 1: Ali, Jon, Fahima, Matthew
Group 2: Ross, Anita, Jack, Barry
Group 3: Thomas, Anton, Richard, Molly
Group 4: Shay, Raubia, Miriam, Chris
Group 5: Caroline, Elizabeth, Mark, Omar